Schuyler Personal Size Quentel NASB Bible: Field Tested

As a private investigator I spend a lot of time doing field work. Field work often takes an investigator to the physical location of an incident or to a witnesses home or place of business to conduct in-person interviews or to extract video surveillance evidence. To do this field work the investigator needs access to a tool kit.

Depending on the job, the tool kit often consists of a digital audio recorder, note pad, flash light, usb thumb drive, a pencil, a couple of pen’s, smartphone and some business cards. Add to that a laptop (to confirm extracted surveillance works and is suitable to pass along to an attorney for court) along with a charger and wireless mouse if you’ll be out in the field all day. You’ll also need a bottle of water, a couple of snacks and perhaps a face mask and bottle of hand sanitizer to help negate the risk of transmitting the coronavirus. Add to that a backpack, satchel or bag to carry it all in.

None of the items in this “tool kit” are particularly heavy on their own. However, the complete kit starts to feel heavy when you’re carrying it around on your back or shoulder all day long. Because of that time is spent thinking about the job in advance and unnecessary items are removed from the kit to keep it as light and portable as possible.

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus say’s “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” In this text the follower of Christ is assigned the “field work” of spreading the Gospel throughout the world. The “tool kit” for this work usually includes a copy of the Bible, and depending on what bible is selected, it can have an impact on the execution of the job at hand.

Most Christian households have a bible or two. Often a family heirloom edition passed down from a parent or grandparent or perhaps a study bible. These kinds of books are often quite large and heavy, too big to carry around all day in a backpack, or to take with you across the world.

Personal size editions should be selected instead for this field work. Whether it be an Ipad or Kindle with a bible app installed, or a lean and portable copy of the scriptures. Small, compact, light weight solutions are available for the job at hand. The Christian can leave their heirloom study bible at home.

Falls in the Pacific Northwest feature mild temperatures with quite a few overcast day’s without rain. This formula makes for great hikes, and also good outdoor photography. So I grabbed my calfskin backpack, a bottle of water and my copy of the Schuyler NASB Personal Size Quentel (PSQ) in antique marble brown goatskin and headed outdoors to field test the book.

The PSQ is indeed a personal size bible, taking up a small portion of the generous space offered in my leather backpack. Note the grain of the goatskin vs. the grain of the calfskin on the green backpack

The antique marble brown goatskin reminds me of the “chocolate” goatskin offered by Leonard’s Book Restoration and also the brown highland goatskin featured on R.L. Allan books.

This brown book seems to blend in with nature:

A person can cover a lot of ground with this book without regretting the decision to haul it along. Great Commission “field tested” and approved? I think so. It may not be as light as a smartphone but it is comparable in weight to an Ipad Pro. On this hike I walked around 4 miles with the book comfortably in hand. The book does not feel slippery and can be held one-handed both open and closed with confidence.

The text is size 8.5. It’s a double column paragraph format with the references and footnotes at the bottom.

More specifics offered from

The 28 GSM paper features line matching which helps minimize the bleed through apparent in Psalms.

Despite the compact dimensions of the book the text is incredibly readable.

After wrapping up a short 4 mile trek around the woods, I put the book into my backpack and headed back to my car to return to headquarters. That’s generally how it works for professional investigators too. Field work followed by tedious hours of report writing.

But in the case of the Schuyler PSQ NASB, it was a pleasure to investigate and field test the book. Photos taken at HQ with natural light conditions:

Look how the PSQ stacks up with other compact books:

From top to bottom; Kindle Paperwhite, ESV Pitt Minion, Buffalo skin rebind of ESV Large Print Compact edition, Schuyler PSQ and the personal size John MacArthur study bible. Any of these books would be suitable for field work, though the PSQ is the nicest to hold and look at imho.

Other reviewers have done the hard work comparing the PSQ and Pitt Minion series. I’ll keep it simple by letting the photos speak for themselves:

If the 8.5 text size of the PSQ is still insufficient for a reader, I would recommend they use a digital solution like an Ipad where they can easily modify the text size.

The Pitt Minion may not be the best comparison to the PSQ though. That’s like comparing a Mazda Miata to a Porsche 911. Both cars feature small cockpits, but the Miata is a compact design through and through. The Porsche on the other hand has a beefier powertrain and handles better on the track. With the 8.5 text and ease of handling in the field, the PSQ is arguably the Porsche of premium bibles, leaving the reader with a smile on their face when using the book in the field. Or if you’re into firearms, the Pitt Minion is like a Sig Sauer P365 and the PSQ a Glock 19. Both can get the job done in the hands of a trained operator, but with the added heft and magazine capacity, the Glock 19 is a bit easier to use.

A more proper comparison is with the Cambridge Clarion (a portable single column bible with size 8.75 text.) The Clarion is an exceptional design that begs to be used for long reading sessions. But not necessarily the best design for “field work” where the goal is to spread the gospel to all nations. The PSQ text is more accessible to that end, with its double column layout that is reminiscent of the heirloom and study editions most folks have at home. The Quentel design of placing the references and footnotes at the bottom of the page makes the book even more friendly for field work. put together a graphic contrasting the Clarion with the PSQ.

In summary, the Schuyler NASB Personal Size Quentel bible is a wonderful edition that has been re-released by Schuyler Bible Publishers in October, 2020. Order a copy of the NASB before it sells out. Most importantly, put the book to use in the field.

Check out the following reviews for some different perspectives and photos of this edition:

Pastor Randy A. Brown’s review:

“I can easily recommend Schuyler ESV Personal Size Quentel in purple calfskin to anyone interested in a reference ESV for carry, reading, and even preaching if you don’t need a larger print. This Bible is built well with high-quality materials and is one of the best designs available. Having the same pagination as the full-size edition makes the two editions a great combo- one for study at home or preaching from, and one for carry. This can easily be your one Bible if you don’t need a concordance. The ESV Personal Size Quentel in purple calfskin is on my list of all-time favorite Bibles.”

Professor Kevin M. Watson’s review:

“The Schuyler Personal Size Quentel is a fantastic Bible. I’ve spent a lot of time with the Schuyler Quentel I got several years ago. The Personal Size Quentel is what I hoped it would be, particularly as far as my initial sense that the Quentel just felt a bit too big. I am grateful I have both because I would really struggle to choose between them. If forced to choose, I would go with the Personal Size Quentel because I can envision taking it with me when I travel and it is still very readable with my current vision. Highly recommended!”

Pastor Tim Wildsmith’s review:

“The new NASB PSQ is a Bible of the utmost quality that is a joy to read”

Pastor Cam Hyde’s review:

“Now that I’ve interacted with both the Quentel and the Personal Size Quentel, I must say that if I could only choose one, I’d go with the PSQ. I can easily see how it is becoming Schuyler’s most popular Bible. It’s hard to beat the quality combined with the portability. Obviously, if you could have both, you’d love to. However, if font size is not an issue for you, I’d pick up the PSQ as my go-to.”